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PushingBox, Notifications for your Internet of Things devices

One API for all your notifications.

PushingBox is a cloud that can send notifications based on API calls.
From one request, you can send several notifications like a Push, a Tweet, an Email... All this in real time.

Why you will love it.

Simple API

PushingBox has only one API that you can trigger by HTTP request (GET/POST) or Email.
You can call PushingBox from almost anything:

  • Arduino
  • Spark Core
  • Email
  • SmartThings
  • HTTP Request
  • Your own script
  • Vera, Fibaro, ...

Dozen of services

We cover a large list of service. At this time you can send:

  • Emails
  • Tweets
  • Notifications on SmartWatch like Pebble
  • Smartphone Push Notifications (iOS, Android, WindowsPhone)
  • Windows8 Notifications
  • MacOS Notifications
  • Karotz Text-to-Speech
  • Custom HTTP Request
  • ...

Attach pictures

If you own a web camera, you can attach real time picture to your Emails and Tweets Notifications. (See carousel bellow)

User's projects we love

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Notifying Doorbell

Use an Arduino and an optional IP camera to build a doorbell that sends you a Push Notification on your phone and an email with a picture of the person at the door.

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Twittering Catdoor

Build a Twittering Catdoor with an Arduino and two magnetics door contact. The Arduino is running the PushingBox API to manage the notification messages.

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