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How do I create scenario?

Before creating a scenario, you have to add the services that you want to be notified from. You can do it at the My Services page. Once this first step is done, you can create a scenario, add an action, choose the service to use and eventually write the text to send.

What is a DeviceID?

A DeviceID or "devid" is the unique identifier of a scenario. Use it to run the right scenario. For more help, you can browse the API section.

What is Notifon

Notifon is a wireless internet connected device made for PushingBox. If you are a lucky owner of Notifon, to get started, enter the DeviceID of the Notifon Node on the Scenario Page. More information on www.notifon.net



Karotz is the third generation Nabaztag, an Internet communicating device. He can speak and tell your own notification message.
For a Karotz to be used as a notifying device, you have to download and install the PushingBox app on your Karotz. Then you will get an InstallID on the Karotz's website in the PushingBox application page. This InstallID matches the API Key asked when you create a Karotz service.

Picture URL

You can send pictures with the email and twitter services. One of the main usage of this feature is when combined with an IP camera. You can attach a snapshot within the PushingBox notification.
You may fill the 'Picture URL' field with the external (publicly reachable) IP address of your camera. The result have to be a single image file with a size less than 100kB.

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